Atul & Niharika


We found Santosh to be a creative (must-have for a candid photographer) and very entertaining person (you will enjoy his company), who is passionately dedicated to his work.
The lengths that he would go to, to get that perfect shot, is a rare find and something that should be commended.
My husband was initially skeptical about our wedding photos and how they’d turn out as we both were not the most comfortable in front of a camera until we met Santosh. He introduced us to the camera and the photography in the real sense. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos and even included few very funny, romantic, and intense ones that sum up our relationship perfectly. We never felt pressured or rushed even once when he was shooting our wedding. The only problem we have encountered with his photography is trying to choose our favorites because there are just so many amazing shots! 😉
Thank you so much, Santosh. You captured our moments perfectly in a way that we wanted