Let’s Answer Common Doubts First

: FAQs

About Us…

Both address to the same person. Santushti is a Sanskrit word meaning Santosh in Hindi and satisfaction in English. I chose Santushti because I felt this was the perfect word which summarizes everything about my photography and my relation to it.

I am basically/mostly a one-man army, and I do only still image photography. So, depending on the scale and size of the event, if the client/work need is for more than just still image photography; then only on particular client request, I try to arrange people for different needs such as traditional stage photography, videography, etc. at respective cost.

About Work…

A good pair of eyes. Yes, a camera is as good as the person behind it (Sorry, I don’t like to name the brands). But to keep up the highest quality possible, apart from personal photography experience, I use all high-end equipment needed to make the work possible.

Short answer, “Yes”. But the word “candid” has been the most ill-represented in the current scenario. So, I won’t be using that word to start with.

About my style of photography, it is more of a photo-journalistic way, trying to bring out the natural self within an image. I always try to see and build the story within the frame and not just showing all kinds of monotonous and so-called glamorous-looking images. My real game does not end with “wow”. But if you could spend some time with one single image, then I believe I am on the right track. If your need is that kind of personalized photography, feel free to contact me.

Yes. I am open to work everywhere, and I have already travelled and did various projects across the nation.

About Process…

The complete booking process is done through an online way. Once you are decided about everything on what all options you would like to go ahead with, you can let me know and we can start with the formal part of the process with more exact details and exact deliverables as mentioned here .

It’s a collection of some default and some optional deliverables included in the package according to need. Defaults include a gross collection of basic edited images, plus about one-third of selected images from the gross collection with more precise editing done to them which may be used for various presentation purposes. Optional include some of the best in class, hard-cover bound coffee table photo book albums, and/or large size excellent quality canvas prints with frame for wall hanging purpose (one needs to include or exclude them according to their need and budget). Please check the sample here .

It takes about 1 to 1.5 months from the last shooting session for delivery of everything depending on the schedule around that time. In case of pre or postponing because of some particular reason, it will be communicated well in advance. I am constantly trying to bring new changes to the system to make the delivery as fast as possible.

About Cost…

Everybody is different, so is their need. For weddings, the price ranges around ₹ 50,000/- (other factors to be added such as vendor-related deliverable cost, any extra session cost, and travel cost depending on need). For non-wedding works, the price ranges around ₹ 25,000/-. Actual numbers may defer, conditions apply*. Feel free to contact me with more precise details about your need to get your personalized quote.

I am glad we know them, thanks for the info… 😜

Sorry to say, No. Before presenting your quote, I always try to get your real need through various discussions and then analysing and coming out with a quote, which is as precise as possible from my side, and hence we save a lot of time and energy from further negotiations.

For payments, I take at least 50% of the total deal amount as advance at the time of booking and the remaining amount must be cleared within one week after the shoot and before any delivery is done. The preferred mode of payment is online net transfer.

And Others…

I am normally not that busy and try to keep my workflow under control to manage it efficiently. But it is recommended that once you feel that you can relate to my style of photographic work and want me to be involved with your need, the sooner we start communicating the better it is to plan and manage (especially during peak season).

Work in Progress… 😜

Yes, of course. Please send us your requirement using the contact form inside Inquire section here, and we will take it forward from thereon.

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