Pritish & Shalini


Santushti Photography… I don’t know how Santosh came up with this name and I don’t know, by saying Santushti(Satisfaction) he means his santushti or his client’s, but I know one thing for sure that everybody including me, who has used his service is more than santusht (satisfied)… 🙂 You hire a photographer and ended up being best friends for life.
Little did my parents know about candid photography, but when you see their photos taken by Santosh, they are the best example of what candid photography is all about. I don’t remember my parents holding hands or showing love for each other in front of me, forget doing this in front of a stranger photographer. But just go through some of the photographs in his HE+SHE section and you will find my parents’ photographs. They are as candid as one can be… happy… laughing… holding hands… looking into each other’s eyes… 🙂 This was possible because when Santosh was shooting them, they were not strangers… He had already become part of our family, which is the best thing about him. In his own words, the best quality of a photographer is that he/she should be invisible, people should not be conscious about his/her presence while doing the photoshoot. Otherwise, they will not be in their natural self. This invisibility can be gained only when the person taking the photograph is your friend or family or loved one. That is what he becomes.
I am talking more about him than his photographs because photos are there to see but emotions need to be expressed. Take my advice, make him your friend, and you will never regret it
. 🙂