Rajorshi & Oindrila


We were introduced to Santosh, by a mutual friend who had just been married. Since the newlywed was one of our very close friends, I was fortunate of keeping track of the gala occasion from close quarters. I met this gem of a guy during that event and hence our fondness for him amplified even before I could start to digest his invaluable expertise from behind the lens. We knew we had to have him on board.
Snippets of what this guy is capable of are sprinkled on this page. However what might not meet the eyes, is Santosh, the Person. He is working on the issue of “Why doesn’t he look cute?”, as he mentions, but whoever has had the chance to speak with him for 10 minutes or so will vouch for this – He is the best man to have around you while you are going through the ordeal of a taxing Big Fat Indian Wedding. His commitment and truthfulness stand out just like his lanky frame and intriguing eyes. And if that was not enough, the simplicity he emanates is contagious. He would sit with your family at the breakfast table and engage in any hearty discussion doing the rounds, without a hint of fatigue on his face, though he’s been up all night plotting strategies to present you with the best clicks for the next day. With time he will become a part of your family and before you realize he is the most popular ‘Awesome New Guy’ in your family circuit. Loved by one and all, especially the Aunts and Uncles and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers (that has got nothing to do with his crew-cut white hair, I swear). And when it’s over, and you and your loved ones have been back to the monotony of life, there will come a sweetly wrapped box preserving your most precious moments, from his end. And you will look at them brimming with nostalgia.
My wife and I know this guy for around 5 years now and we have gone from strength to strength. He will be my go-to man, for all the happy milestones my family will tick.
I will take your leave with something I found on the net, something I have always found him mentioning: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”- Ansel Adams.