Roy & Khushboo


Some of the attributes that comes to my mind when I recall Santosh are Perfection, Dedication and Commitment towards work. Being a photographer myself, I had consulted dozens of photographers for my wedding and explained them about the kind of work that I expected. I demanded on them to show their previous projects as well. I confidently narrowed down on Santosh after a brief half an hour meet, considering the passion he emancipates about photography. His grasp on the concept and the story that he expresses through a click has kept us intrigued till now.
There have been moments during shoots when he has done more than what is required of him, rather more as a friend than a professional serving his client. We met two years back and are friends till date. “Impressive” would be too small a word for me to describe his quality of work. Maybe he has impressed the word “Impress” itself.
A collection of good photographs is a ready reckoner of all the beautiful moments in an occasion and thus they hold a true importance. It is something which one treasures for the rest of his life. To which Santosh has done absolute justice. Deciding on Santosh was one of the most important and wise decisions in our marriage