How They Felt

Its been a privilege as well as pleasure to be a part of such moments for all these wonderful people. I am really glad we met and everything happened.

Rajorshi & Oindrila

Santushti Photography

We were introduced to Santosh, by a mutual friend who had just been married. Since the newly wed was one of our very close friends, I was fortunate of keeping track of the gala occasion from close quarters. I met this gem of a guy during that event and hence our fondness for him amplified even before I could start to digest his invaluable expertise from behind the lens. We knew we had to have him on board.
Snippets of what this guy is capable of is sprinkled on this page. However what might not meet the eyes, is Santosh, the Person. He is working on the issue of “Why doesn’t he look Cute?”, as he mentions, but whoever has had the chance to speak with him for a span of 10 minutes or so will vouch for this – He is the best man to have around you while you are going through the ordeal of a taxing Big Fat Indian Wedding. His commitment and truthfulness stands out just like his lanky frame and intriguing eyes. And if that was not enough, the simplicity he emanates is contagious. He would sit with your family at the breakfast table and engage in any hearty discussion doing the rounds, without a hint of fatigue on his face, though he’s been up all night plotting strategies to present you with the best clicks for the next day. With time he will become a part of your family and before you realize he is the most popular ‘Awesome New Guy’ in your family circuit. Loved by one and all, specially the Aunts and Uncles and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers (that has got nothing to do with his crew cut white hair, I swear). And when its over, and you and your loved ones have been back to the monotony of life, there will come a sweetly wrapped box preserving your most precious moments, from his end. And you will look at them brimming with nostalgia.
My Wife and myself know this guy for around 5 years now and we have gone from strength to strength. He will be my Go-to man, for all the happy milestones my family will tick.
I will take your leave with something I found on the net, something I have always found him mentioning : “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”- Ansel Adams.

Atul & Niharika

Santushti Photography

We found Santosh to be creative (must have for a candid photographer) and very entertaining person (you will definitely enjoy his company), who is passionaltely dedicated to his work.
The lengths that he would go to, to get that perfect shot, is a rare find and something that should be commended.
My husband was initially skeptical about our wedding photos and how they’d turn out as we both were not the most comfortable in front of a camera until we met Santosh. He introuced us to the camera and to the photography in real sense. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos and even included few very funny, romantic, and intense ones that sum up our relationship perfectly. We never felt pressured or rushed even once when he was shooting our wedding. The only problem we have encountered with his photography is trying to choose our favorites, because there are just so many amazing shots! 😉
Thank you so much Santosh. You captured our moments perfectly in a way that we wanted

Pritish & Shalini

Santushti Photography

Santushti Photography… I don’t know how Santosh came up with this name and I don’t know, by saying Santushti(Satisfaction) he means his santushti or his client’s, but I know one thing for sure that everybody including me, who has used his service are more than santusht (satisfied)… 🙂 You hire a photographer and ended up being best friends for life.
Little did my parents know about candid photography, but when you see their photos taken by Santosh, they are best example of what candid photography is all about. I don’t remember my parents holding hands or showing love for each other in front of me, forget doing this in front of a stranger photographer. But just go through some of the photographs in his HE+SHE section and you will find my parents photographs. They are as candid as one can be… happy… laughing… holding hands… looking into each other’s eyes… 🙂 This was possible because when Santosh was shooting them, they were not strangers… He had already become part of our family, which is the best thing about him. In his own words, the best quality of a photographer is that he/she should be invisible, people should not be conscious about his/her presence while doing photo shoot. Otherwise they will not be in their natural self. This invisibility can be gained only when the person taking photograph is your friend or family or loved one. That is what he becomes.
I am talking more about him than his photographs because photos are there to see but emotions need to be expressed. Take my advice, make him your friend, and you will never regret it
. 🙂

Ravi & Aeshna

We must say it was an unexpected journey with you Santosh!
You made every moment of our wedding so much more memorable and beautiful that we shall always be thankful to you for it. When we started this association we were very skeptical about things as it was the most awaited part of our journey as a couple, we remember how you assured us.
You are very much in love with what you do and apart from that you as an individual become so close to the families that the feeling of a stranger between us never existed. We thank you for making the journey of our marriage captured and framed so perfectly.
Keep up your great work and the immense enthusiasm you have for it.
Best Wishes…

Shreya & Amit

Santosh jee, you really deserve best for your job. You are the best example of a professional, and really you are doing justice to your job. Thank you for being with us on our precious moments. Thank you again.

Basabdutta & Rijuraj

Thanks a million, you have given us some worthwhile treasure for a lifetime. Thank you for the beautiful and such an emotional picture, will treasure forever. God bless you with abundance.

Surojit & Jolly

I have known him for a long time before my marriage. I hired his services for my brother’s marriage and was awestruck to see the quality as well as the essence of the images he captured. I became his fan. A year later when I was marrying, hands down he was my choice of photographer; and boy he did not disappoint. True to his profession as a photographer, he gave me pictures that were truly amazing and dear to me till this date. I highly recommend him as well as wish him luck too.

Roy & Khushboo

Some of the attributes that comes to my mind when I recall Santosh are Perfection, Dedication and Commitment towards work. Being a photographer myself, I had consulted dozens of photographers for my wedding and explained them about the kind of work that I expected. I demanded on them to show their previous projects as well. I confidently narrowed down on Santosh after a brief half an hour meet, considering the passion he emancipates about photography. His grasp on the concept and the story that he expresses through a click has kept us intrigued till now.
There have been moments during shoots when he has done more than what is required of him, rather more as a friend than a professional serving his client. We met two years back and are friends till date. “Impressive” would be too small a word for me to describe his quality of work. Maybe he has impressed the word “Impress” itself.
A collection of good photographs is a ready reckoner of all the beautiful moments in an occasion and thus they hold a true importance. It is something which one treasures for the rest of his life. To which Santosh has done absolute justice. Deciding on Santosh was one of the most important and wise decisions in our marriage

Jitesh & Moneesha

You have really supported like an elder brother. It was amazing working with you and would recommend you for a lifetime to anybody without even thinking twice

Bheem & Roopa

Yes it was really nice to have you around during our cherished moments which you have so beautifully captured. What I would appreciate that much more { apart from your photography of course 😉 } is your approach at getting things done and being around them until it gets done, something that I, myself, take pride in doing.

Pragya & Siddharth

We can’t thank you enough for being such a special part of our wedding! You are such a pleasure to be around, which made our wedding day much less stressful. The photos that you took are gorgeous. We love them and will treasure them, and our family and friends have nothing but great things to say. Thank you so much for going out of your way (staying up all night, lying on the ground, sneaking into places 🙂 ) for us, and thank you for coming to the Dehradun in time! We are blessed to have found someone as passionate, talented, and fun to be around as you are!

Gairika & Rajat

We still cherish the moment, when our little Maahi had her first photo shoot and all that magic was created by our friend Santosh. He makes you feel so comfortable and at ease that each and every photo that he clicks seems to be your best. Thanks a ton Magician. You know magic and have a magic stick with you. Mamma, papa and Maahi, all love u… 😉

Anzi & Vegin

I take up this time to thank, Santushti Photography for getting our wedding and reception photographs done. The photos were exquisite. I always felt when I initiate things at the nick of time, it always fails. Santosh has proved it wrong. I am happy with your patience to sit down and understand the situation, discuss on how to get things aligned and execute them. What impressed me the most was your desire to take this project as one of your own and push your thoughts beyond limits to attain perfection. I would truly recommend your work for those who are in need of a good photographer.