Wedding Photography Details



  • The client will receive enough images; all the images will be high resolution and print capable and will undergo basic editing done to them.
  • Few images (approximately one-third of total images according to the scale of the shoot) will be selected carefully on the basis of requirement and will undergo detailed and precise editing and can be used for various presentation purposes, such as web sharing, slideshow, and prints. Including this, one full HD (1920 x 1080) slideshow video made from images selected from this collection will also be provided to the client with some beautiful music and effects added to it according to taste to make the viewing of images more enjoyable; all this in multiple personalized data DVDs (this is the part of work mentioned, which I feel should be considered payable or answerable as a professional artist and not those extra images which are given to client just for their reference purpose of the events happened).
  • An optional, personalized, and beautifully designed, hardbound coffee table photo book album can be availed with all non-tearable sheets of paper in a complete lay-flat manner. It will be provided to the client according to their choice of cover and binding material available in it.
  • If the client opts for with photo book album option, a personalized password-protected web link will also be provided to the client depicting the softer digital version of the album to better share with people from every other place who could not see the album for various reasons.
  • An optional very good quality 30” x 20” size canvas print of one of the images shot around the whole project and printed on one of the best quality canvas (with min 50 years of guarantee for the canvas material and color) and framed for wall hanging purpose, can be availed by the client according to their choice.
  • An optional pre-or post-wedding casual shoot will be provided to the couple according to mutual understanding and convenience in terms of time and location. In case the client provides us with the opportunity to cover their complete wedding, we provide one either pre-or post-wedding casual shoot as complimentary free of cost.


The wedding photography service package from my side is basically calculated as a collection of various mandatory or optional elements in it at respective costs:

  • Candid still image photography by me at ₹ 30k/day (this includes photography session cost, production cost, and post-processing cost).
  • One pre-or post-wedding casual shoot comes complimentary free for complete wedding projects (with anything involving 2 or more days of event coverage) as a gesture from me, or else it’s counted as any one day of candid photography by me at ₹ 15k/day for a less than 4-hour session in a day or at ₹ 20k/day for a more than 4-hour to a max of 8-hour session in a day (this includes photography session cost, production cost, and post-processing cost).
  • Traditional still image photography at ₹ 10k/session.
  • One coffee table photo book with a max of 40 sheets/80 pages ₹ 15k – ₹ 20k per book (this includes printing, binding, casing, and designing cost. For any additional book if the client wants more number of the same book for both bride/groom side, then they will get a discount of 15% on the cost of an added copy of the same book). P.S. Price of the book varies according to dimension, type, and the number of sheets of paper in it.
  • Traditional full HD videography ₹ 15k/session.
  • In case the client opts for canvas print frame option, it will cost to the client additional ₹ 5k/frame. P.S. Price of the frame varies according to the type of material, frame, and dimension in it.
  • Plus in the case of outstation clients (events happening outside Bangalore), the travel and stay have to be arranged by the client or cost has to be incurred by the client.

The above-mentioned details are subject to change with or without prior notice, conditions apply. The above-mentioned pricing is more of a generalized and standard but non-negotiable cost. To know the complete actual/exact cost for yourself, we offer a personalized quote that varies from client to client and is made according to the particular client requirement and options opted by the client.